Such pretty cracks! Marchetto Pellami “The vintage style is becoming increasingly appreciated”

“These are usually leathers in dark shades, which are refinished to obtain a worn appearance – according to the Marchetto Pellami technicians – but they have just been tanned and cleverly studied to match the background colours and the pigments of the finish or waxes.  The finishes are very light to allow for a more natural less plastic appearance, pull- up effects which reveal the various shades of background and lighteners that make them acquire with use that worn look in perfect vintage style. Other finishes hint at cracks and streaks, all traces of time that has actually never gone by”. Many furnishing brands are proposing this journey back in time, fascinating and nothing that could be farthest from the idea of wear and shabbiness. Thanks to everyday use, the leathers change their appearance, making these sofas real unique pieces to give the home a touch of the once-off vintage flavour.