From Tanning To The Younger And More Creative Leather Art.

The leather art infects young people who are rediscovering in craftmanship great satisfaction. If Vicenza and in particular the district of Arzignano are worldwide known for the quality of their tanned hides, today we see an evolution of the leather compartment towards a creative direction and besides tanning young companies using leather with great and even customizable creativity are flourishing, to make both decorative and fashionable objects. Moreover, in Vicenza there is a leather school with courses in bag design sought by Bottega Veneta, a brand known worldwide that thanks to the success of its particular technique of woven leather and its no-logo charm, is present with freestanding stores in the most chic streets around the world.
What about Sara Luna, alias Sara Valente, with her bags made to measure: small, medium and large, customized to meet the various requirements even the most diverse such as that, quite common in fact, of having a nice pair of shoes but no bag to match with. With skill and taste, Sara creates the impossible to find bag, appropriate to the more personal style of her clients.
Gloria Bright Colors instead, from the neighboring province of Treviso, produces hand-crafted leather and cowhide tridimensional paintings even customizable  and with subjects on request and her creations very often resemble the charm of fairy tales.
Original gifts for Christmas? Why not. In a standardized world, let’s encourage the young talents to express their creativity recovering an ancient wisdom and proposing it in a modern and original way.


Dalla Concia All’arte Pellettiera Più Giovane E Creativa.

L’arte pellettiera contagia i giovani che riscoprono nell’artigianalità lavori di grande soddisfazione. Se Vicenza ed in particolare il distretto di Arzignano sono conosciuti universalmente per la qualità delle sue pelli conciate, oggi si nota un’evoluzione in senso creativo del comparto pelle e accanto alla concia, fioriscono le imprese giovani che utilizzano i cuoi con grande creatività, sia per farne oggetti d’arredo che di moda, ma molto personalizzata. Del resto, proprio a Vicenza vi è la scuola di pelletteria con corsi di bag design voluti da Bottega Veneta, un marchio conosciuto universalmente che grazie al successo della sua particolare tecnica della pelle intrecciata e il suo fascino no-logo, è presente con negozi monomarca nelle vie più chic di tutto il mondo.
Ecco allora Sara Luna, alias Sara Valente, con le sue borse su misura: piccole medie e grandi, personalizzate per andare incontro alle esigenze più disparate come quella, piuttosto comune in realtà, di avere un bel paio di scarpe ma nessuna borsa da abbinare. Con capacità e gusto, Sara realizza la borsa introvabile, adeguata allo stile più personale delle sue clienti.
Gloria Bright Colors invece, dalla vicina provincia di Treviso, realizza a mano quadri artigianali in pelle e cuoio, in tre dimensioni, anche personalizzati e con soggetti a richiesta dove molto spesso le sue creazioni hanno le suggestioni delle favole.
Regali originali in vista del Natale? Perché no. In un mondo standardizzato evviva i giovani talenti che esprimono la creatività recuperando una sapienza antica e riproponendola in chiave moderna ed originale.

Leather Vs Fabric Sofa. Celebrities Prefer Leather.

divano pelle cuscini
In the eternal question of whether it is better a comfortable leather sofa or an equally comfortable fabric sofa, who is the winner? It depends on taste, financial means devoted to furnishings, style preferences. In short, the arguments are always of a very subjective nature.
For example, if we talk about the economic side, a leather sofa normally costs more. Yes, but only if you do not consider designer products, which, even if they are made of fabric, can reach huge costs. However, truth be told, the first last longer, and they become more beautiful over time. Fabric sofas, on the other hand, when worn out, must be thrown away, because they can make sloppy and rough even the finest of homes.
It is also said that leather is sticky with the high summer temperatures and tends to be cold in winter, but it is also true that many people figure out a ploy to overcome the problem, such as adding some comfortable cushions to enrich and beautify the environment. If we want to play it safe, Marchetto Pellami ensures that choosing aniline leather, which is the most natural, precious and capable to “breathe” because it does not have any kind of finishing, you do not sweat at all and the sofa temperature is kept equal to that of the surrounding environment.
The conflicting opinions are often based on personal experiences: to those who do not recommend a leather sofa in the presence of very active children, there are people who answer that because of its ease of maintenance you should prefer it to the fabric one, even if the little ones decide to show their creative skills right on the new sofa. And here we need to face the great theme regarding cleaning: a fabric sofa, if the lining is removable, can be easily washed in the washing machine. Sure, but we should discuss on the adjective easily with the many people who had to remove the lining of a sofa, wash it, dry it and put it back on. Leather sofas instead do not absorb dust, can be cleaned with a damp cloth and it is sufficient to treat them with specific products a couple of times a year to keep them nice and soft for a lifetime.

We have enjoyed ourselves spying on the tastes and preferences of television celebrities, and we found out that they definitely prefer to be portrayed on beautiful and elegant leather sofas!

Tom Cruise, hosted by Oprah Winfrey, has chosen to jump on a leather sofa

Tom Cruise, hosted by Oprah Winfrey, has chosen to jump on a leather sofa

Pierce Brosnan sits on a modern leather sofa that enhances his sensuality

Pierce Brosnan sits on a modern leather sofa that enhances his sensuality

Marilyn Monroe, attractive and elegant poses on a valuable leather sofa

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